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Women in Reiki

A new book
by Silke Kleemann and Amanda Jayne


A must in every Reiki practitioner's library - Frank Arjava Petter

Necessary for anyone who wants to deepen Reiki and its legacy - Felix 


“Reiki fascinates people around the world, yet little is known about those who forged the pathway to bring this Japanese healing method to us. We decided to write the stories of the women who carried Reiki through the most challenging of times in Japan to the women living Reiki today.

Silke Kleemann and Amanda Jayne have been practising and teaching traditional Japanese Reiki for nearly 20 years

This book will not only give you fresh insight into the roots of Reiki and what life in Japan was like when the first women were practising, it will enhance your understanding of what Reiki is through a deeper connection with the culture it comes from. 

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