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Quote on Women in Reiki

"The wonderfully researched and eloquently written Women in Reiki celebrates the love, the lives and the efforts of women who gave Reiki the face it has today. The book tells the life-stories of countless women from both East and West who dedicated their lives to the practice and teaching of Reiki from the 1930s until today.


The innocence and simplicity of the Reiki teaching pulsates throughout the pages, plunging the reader into the river of female spirituality that is the basis of all life.


The authors playfully weave the fabric of past and present into a material so smooth and warm that it warms the heart, all the while the intellect is amply stimulated and the reader arrives at a deep understanding of the essence of Reiki and its cultural background steeped in Japanese history.


A great pleasure to read, Women in Reiki is a must in every Reiki practitioner’s library."     


 Frank Arjava Petter

Author of several books including This is Reiki and One with Reiki

Quote on Women in Reiki

"If you are a Reiki practitioner, please read this book. It paints such profound portraits of the dynamic lives of the women who carried Reiki through challenging times in the early days of Reiki as well as shining a light on the role of women in Reiki today.

The historical information and photos are incredible and the amount of love and care that Amanda and Silke put into the book radiates from every page."

Nicholas Pearson

Author of six books including Stones of the Goddess and Crystal Basics

Quote on Women in Reiki

"I think the book adds value to the understanding of the role of the important and influential women that are discussed.


I appreciate that it also shines new light and offers (still again) new information regarding the history of Reiki as we know it.”

Dr Jojan Jonker

Author of Reiki: The transmigration of a Japanese Spiritual Healing Practice

Quote on Women in Reiki

"Western and Eastern approaches to healing come from very different origins, and those who are sceptical about Reiki may find this a very helpful introduction. Everything is very carefully explained and there is no mistaking the love, honour, knowledge, wisdom, peace, and optimism found in this remarkable healing technique. I felt the dedication and humble spirituality of so many of these practitioners had directly influenced my own experience & well-being."


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Women in Reiki interview with Walter Lübeck


Walter Lübeck asks some thought-provoking questions and we discuss what writing the book did for us, how we see Reiki and what Japanese women went through during the war as well as ideas about the future of Reiki.



Silke and Amanda talked with René Vogtli from Reiki Conciliation on the subject of collaboration and how it was to work together on Women in Reiki when they come from very different writing styles. They discuss what they each think are the keys to good collaboration and how the book comes from a bigger collaboration than the two of them. The book cover, as Silke says, is a great example of this.