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Research links...

The books used in our research are listed in the bibliography of Women in Reiki.
Below are links to various websites that helped with our research as an addition to those books

Part I


Women educators  and the confucian tradition in Meiji Japan, by Margaret Mehl in Women’s History review

History of Soka Gakkai

Korea as a colony of Japan

Air raids in Tokyo during World War II


The Meiji Reforms and Obstacles for Women, Japan 1878-1927

Garon, Sheldon. “Women's Groups and the Japanese State: Contending Approaches to Political Integration, 1890-1945.” Journal of Japanese Studies, vol. 19, no. 1, 1993, pp. 5–41. JSTOR

Yamamoto and the Planning for Pearl Harbor, by Mark Stille

About Emperor Hirohito’s 1945 surrender speech

About the "Honourable death of a hundred million"

(subscription to NYT needed)

History of Northeast China’s railway

About the American occupation in Japan

Soviet declaration of war on Japan

Taisho Democracy in Japan (1912-1926)

Pictures of Tokyo after the 1923 earthquake

The US-Japan security alliance

1931 Book excerpt about Manchurian Railway

Feminism in Japan by Barbara Molony. Subject: Gender, Japan Online Publication    - Date: Jan 2018 DOI:

Hanae Kurihara Kramer, Fleeing Defeat: The Japanese exodus from Manchuria, The Journal of Northeast Asian History, Volume 9 Number 1, p. 31-65, 2012

Escape from Manchuria chronicles

The United States and the Opening to Japan, 1853

Fan, Carol C. “Asian Women in Hawai'i: Migration, Family, Work, and Identity.” NWSA Journal, vol. 8, no. 1, 1996, pp. 70–84. JSTOR. Accessed 5 Feb. 2020.

Issei: Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii by Yukiko Kimura, University of Hawaii Press, 1992

The Japanese in Hawaii: A historical and demographic perspective, Eleanor C. Nordyke and Y. Scott Matsumoto

Martial Law in Hawaii

Hawaiian monarchy overthrown

Daishoji Chapter

Information and Pictures from Daishoji castle

Kutani ceramics in Ishikawa prefecture

About Yamanaka Onsen

More pictures of Yamanaka Onsen

History of Kokuyo Paper company

About Tokugawa Iemitsu

Kobayakawa Hideaki Fakebook site


About different Japanese words to say woman

Heisei to Reiwa – Japan enters a new age




Women's roles

East Asian History

Japanese History


Heritage of Japan - many articles

Jomon era

Japanese industrialisation in Meiji Japan

Great Kanto Earthquake

Heisei era (Japan Times subscription needed)


Taking root in Japan

New American Zen: Examining American Women’s Adaption of Traditonal Japanese Soto Zen Practice, by Courtney M. Just

Female warriors

Legendary tales of female Samurai

Samurai Girl Power

Pictures of Female Samurai Warriors

Hangaku Gozen

Kendo in pre-war schools


Female activism from Meiji era on

Kishida Toshiko

Japanese women's suffrage

First female governor of Tokyo

Women's protests in Japan today

Female dress code protests

Women in Management in Japan

Japanische Thronfolge ohne Frauen (German)



Women's artōen/mwXxZujHMzKwGw?hl=en

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