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Dive into Reiki with Silke Kleemann and Amanda Jayne


We really enjoyed chatting with Nathalie Jaspar about our journeys with Reiki, writing the book and what inspires us about the women we featured in the book.. Take a look below...

Women in Reiki interview with Walter Lübeck


Walter Lübeck asks some thought-provoking questions and we discuss what writing the book did for us, how we see Reiki and what Japanese women went through during the war as well as ideas about the future of Reiki.



Silke and Amanda talked with René Vogtli from Reiki Conciliation on the subject of collaboration and how it was to work together on Women in Reiki when they come from very different writing styles. They discuss what they each think are the keys to good collaboration and how the book comes from a bigger collaboration than the two of them. The book cover, as Silke says, is a great example of this. 

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